Every Day Heroes

Sumi style scrolls of Multnomah Athletic Club Athletes. From installation exhibit at Multnomah Athletic Club Library Lounge Gallery, May 25 - June 24, 2017. 

Works on Paper

The sumi scroll collection below celebrates the female form. They were painted with Chinese sumi ink on mineral paper attached to rice paper scrolls, all done from life. 

2018 - Natural Forces

2017 - Thick and Thin

2017 - Visual Code

Visual Code was a 45 ft long installation, included in the Drawing as Core exhibit shown at the Northview Gallery, Portland Community College (Sylvania Campus) in the spring of 2017. This installation symbolically documents Laura's experience as a patient pioneer using cryoablation to beat breast cancer. This journey ultimately led to four trips to China, meeting international cancer researchers and patients from around the world. 






A life long love of observing and depicting human interaction with the Natural Environment blossomed when I came of age in the late 1960’s. That psychedelic era soon morphed into an interest in metaphysics and an awareness of painting’s ability to depict the subtle connections between humans and our psychological environment. I’m not interested in accurate depictions of Nature, although realism plays a part. For my figures I want to create a believable world that couldn’t really exist. Our chaotic lives and changing emotions seems to color our spaces. Internal realities flavor our awareness of our external environments, altering our read of reality. My use of color, symbols and painting techniques, both robust and ephemeral, all work to sync the figure to the surrounding ground. My goal is for the depicted environment to flavor the read of the figure’s body language and facial expression. My paintings are physical expressions of Visual Thinking. The complexities of creation both befuddle and cause wonder. I want my paintings to enhance and encourage an awareness of the possible altered reads of reality.