Installation Honors Everyday Heroes for new Exhibit at the Multnomah Athletic Club

Very excited for the new sumi paintings of athletes currently being developed in my studio for a large installation to be displayed at the Multnomah Athletic Club in June. This will be my first "Social Practice" installation and it has been both fun and rewarding to spend time gathering reference images of the wide variety of athleticism that goes on there. My intention is to honor the "everyday heroes" who regularly get themselves to the gym. I want to give these folks a mirror into how their individual efforts add to the whole of the dynamics of the club's athletic mission. It has been heart warming to watch as individuals realize they are being honored for just showing up and participating. I love that the wall the installation will be hung on is on the opposite wall of the "Wall of Fame"- where all the photos of the MAC Champions and Olympians are displayed.

Weight Lifter 1 Sumi 2017.jpg
MAC Trail Walker 1 Sumi 2017.jpg